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A journey to remember | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

A journey to remember

Its the day after the race and I am writing my first blog, thats the kind of season its been for me but i have story to share and if you can get through it I may be able to redeem myself just a little.

I was absolutely thrilled to apply as a mentor and to be accepted
My first thought was actually ill be able to show people what I can do and they will look at me and think if she can do It I sure can. I now relate this thought that to that meme “what I think i lol like when i run….what others actually see” lol. This line of thinking led to instant failure. First off i was injured and my running abilities were almost non existent past day one. Secondly life happened and my availability began to dwindle, thirdly the members of my pod could not be more different, and lastly the mentors within the Truro group could not be more different.

Although this will make this long i feel i need to address these points. I promise there will be a happy ending if you just hang in there with me.

Last season as an ambassador i had some issues. I ran with a broken toe and stress fractures in both my calves. A little tape and some compression socks helped with the issues and for the most part as long as everything was compressed it was just slightly uncomfortable. This year was something else, the pain was real. Lyme disease and fibromyalgia were in full swing causing issues from head to toe but the knee was the worst. I couldnt run downhill it felt like my knee grew 3 times the size and the pain made me actually puke. During one run in Victoria park i actually had to get piggyback down serpentine hill by a stranger. All i could think at the time was why am i alone asking a stranger for help on this group run. It was a thought that came back to me often over this season. I was thankful for Alvins help trying to make the pain go away and with enough tape and bracing I can make it a good 7km before it hits.

On top of my own health issues my daughter was pregnant. She ended up having surgery at 38 weeks and I had to care for her and then when the baby was born things did not look good, but after a week in the hospital and some minor procedures she is turning around. It did mean missing a few more team runs and leaving the mentoring on others shoulders…FAiled again. So at this point, i am failing as a runner, failing as a mentor and feeling completely alone in all aspects of this experience. But its not.over yet…

I have a pod. Tera is eager and i know she will not have any issues except one. There was an error and truro ambassadors were told training would be on Wednesday and Sunday so she adjusted her schedule accordingly. Unfortunately training was tuesday and she could not come then. Tera and I spent Tuesday mornings running together and it didnt take long (1 run) to realize that she was going to out run and needed little motivation to get out there. I so appreciate being able to run with her as she reminded me of who i was last year and gave me hope. She was my mentor.

Jeanette had so many struggles but she never missed a regular practice. She pushed through it all and did it at her pace. I ran with her Tuesday nights. She didnt need motivation to get to the run
But to keep going once she was there. It was because of jeanette i realized that 10:1 didnt have to be a thing. I always felt that we had to run what was on the schedule period. But i wanted ti see this girl who was so dedicated cross the finish line. We went to 1:1and stole the 21 day fix mantra “you can di anything for 60 secs” when the 60 sec buzzer went off we would decide then what we would do for the next 60 seconds, sometimes we would di several consecutuve runs but walking was only allowed for 60 secs! She discovered dhe could do it and i realized these smaller intervals allowed me to go further before the pain set in. Again thanks for mentoring me.

Melissa. Ive known her 15 years, she is a special girl who has spent our entire relationship disappearing from my life and popping up when least expected full of surprises. This experience was no different. She disappeared from group runs early, wouldnt answer my emails or messages and I thought i had failed at getting her back. 2 days before the race she messaged me.that she would be there but felt guilty for not coming out to group runs so she paid her way into the race and finished with the best time of our pod! Thanks for mentoring me by reminding to never give up on anyone, some of us just naturally show up late.

The truro mentors themselves came in to this not really knowing what to expect. We all had different needs and expectations, and more importantly life was happening all around us. Work schedules, families and personal lives were happening all around us, and it didnt take.me ling to discover that i wasnt ready to give being a mentor the full commitment it deserved. We all did what we could but for me i felt it was something that I needed to schedule into my life months before and create plans and communicate. Thats who I am and if i am so privileged to find myself in a mentor position again it would look very different for me. I am especially thankful to Lorraine who I feel was the most consistent and reliable Truro mentor. That is by no means to say she was better than anyone else, but other than a planned vacation she was there without question.

Here I am 12 weeks later, the day after race day. The feeling of being alone through this process is gone because thanks to coach Leanne I finally figured out the most important part about being a mentor. This was not my race, it was Jeanette and Teras and Melissa’s and all the other ambassadors. It was about helping them reach their goals despite the obstacle of life that got in the way and not just this race but all of lifes races. I ran side by side witb Jeanette on the 5k and saw the smile never leave her face. Along the way we found Annette and while jeanette found her stride and took off to the finish line i was thrilled to be able to help Annette run accross the 5k finish line after having completed the 2k run
Earlier that morning. I never saw melissa but her fb post simply said Proud and i am glad that I was able to put this idea in her head. Tera was far ahead of me with ber sister but her excitement at the start line was so contagious. MY GIRLS MADE IT and thats what it was all about. The rest was just life trying to get in the way of an inevitable running high. I am blessed.

My own personal run yesterday hurt and when i saw all that green at the finish line all I could think was how the hell can i sneak by all of them. I wanted to cry but not because i finished, it just hurt so bad. I got lucky i ran the double double and medals for that were off to the side i wasnt going to have to go through the sea of green! And then there she was, Annette with a huge hug and telling me how proud she was and at last as i write this i know what the ugly cry is all about.

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