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Post Race Reflections | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

Post Race Reflections

Team Myles DID rock, Team Myles DID role and we sure as heck ACHIEVED our goals.

I have been trying to put together words to describe how yesterday felt and the one that keeps coming to mind is magical. Everything about the day was truly special from being in the hotel room together through to a celebratory dinner with a few of my friends. The day was beyond expectation.

Gathering in the room at the Delta, getting taped together and sharing some laughs with all of you helped to calm my pre-race jitters. Once we started our walk through the pedway to the start line, I had an overwhelming sense of pride hit me. In the short weeks we have trained and gotten to know each other, we have all come so far; sharing many laughs, tears and pushed through some challenging moments. Once we were at the start line and did our cheer, I took in the scene around me as we all walked to our respective time categories – it finally hit me that I am a runner; that the Bluenose was truly my race and at my pace. That slogan never rang truer to me that in that moment.

Then we were off, and after dealing with a slight technical snag, I found my groove but the best was along Agricola Street my friend Amanda, who I met just over a year ago at 360 and who has seen me through a lot on my weight loss journey, caught up to me and said “I am running this with you”. And that she did, she stayed beside me every bit of the way and as we crossed the bridge we first saw my friend Mark coming back who placed about 56th overall in the 10km, who just registered on Friday I might add and didn’t train. We saw other members of our 360fitfam and then we started to see some of the #ganggreen making their way back across, the first was Alex. Delivering the high fives as we saw everyone, just kept us going all the more and pushed us.

As Amanda and I were coming down Cogswell, we saw Sharon, another friend from 360. Sharon was the one who when I found out I was accepted into Team Myles first told me that I was doing the 10km race – there was no doing the 5km. I laughed at her. But she was right and she got to have her big I told you so moment about 300 meters from the finish line. As we got close to the finish, Amanda and put our arms on each other’s shoulders and crossed it together (Sorry to those of you who thought one of us were injured). I couldn’t stop smiling and as a result, at that point there were no tears. I truly lived the moment of having countless post-race hugs; all were special but none more so than from the coaches and mentors. WHAT A MOMENT. The moment that made me cry, however, was watching Christina come across that finish line with tears in her eyes and hugging her Momma, my podmate Becky. That moment had all the feels and epitomized what this journey was all about. It was OUR race, it was OUR pace and we all owned it.

My heart truly was filled to overflowing. It first and foremost started with all of you, my Team Myles family. Words cannot adequately describe what sharing this journey with all of you has meant to me. You all have inspired me in one way or another and these past few months have been challenging, but the one thing that was a beacon of light in all of it, was running with all of you. Coaches, Mentors, Ambassadors and everyone who supported us on this ride – you all mean the world to me.

My heart was also filled with pride yesterday as I watched my 360fitfam members crush their races as well. They have been beside me as I embarked on this weight loss journey two years ago; sharing the day them was the sprinkles on the cupcake (or in our case, the Reese’s pieces on the cupcake). And then there is my friend Sean, who is a co-mentor with me for the gym’s ProjectMe program. Sean lost his son just over 2.5 years ago at the age of 7.5. The purple shirts with Team Bryan on them that you would have seen Saturday and Sunday in all of the races are in honour of Sean’s son. Sean inspires me every workout we do together at the gym, and seeing all shirts honouring his son’s memory, kept making me watery eyed.

This day is one I will never forget. I will leave you all with this: STICKTOITNESS … “The act of seeing something through to the end, no matter how hard the challenge”. This is a phrase Devin’s (the owner of 360) Mom always would say. She sadly passed away suddenly earlier this year and 360’s shirts paid tribute to her with this phrase. This phrase is so very fitting for all of us. We all demonstrated a lot of STICKTOITNESS throughout this whole journey, not just yesterday. #ganggreenforlife

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