The end that is only a begining

Well today was what we worked so hard towards. We all got up made our way to the start line in the rain. We all crushed it!

The goodbyes at the end of the day are not really goodbye, they are see you laters as most of us are going to keep going and strive for another race.

For me this journey is coming to an end but it has led me to another wonderful one.

This opportunity has shown me so many doors that are all open. All I have to do is choose which one. I was ready for a physical challenge but ended up in a life challenge. My life has been forever changed by Tem Myles in ways that words could never describe.

I have made life long friends and challengers as well as a support system I will lean on in times of need.

Some family doesn’t share blood it shares sweat, tears and smiles. I am glad to have met this family I never knew I had 🙂

I did it and I am going to continue to do it. Because? I got this!!!!

Thank you soo much Team Myles. You are forever in my heart.



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